UCPB Savings Account Requirements, Know Just What You Need 2022

UCPB Savings Account Requirements, Know Just What You Need 2022

UCPB Savings Account Requirements

UCPB Savings Account Requirements, Know Just What You Need 2022

 For this guide, we shall narrow our attention to  UCPB Savings account requirements.

UCPB is among the preferred banks for many residents in the Philippines because of the convenient banking and retail services it provides customers and non-customers with.

It has various account products, from personal and business to investment packages, for different purposes.

Applying for a Savings account with UCPB nowadays has become very easy. It has an online platform through which individuals can create this account.

Everyone can open a savings account at this bank once the requirements are satisfied. Now let’s proceed to United Coconut Planters Bank savings account requirements. 


The following are the UCPB Savings account requirements:

1. Proof of Identity: You are required to submit the following documents to verify your identity; 

Recently taken passport size photograph. 

Government-issued ID, like driver’s license, Social Security System card, Maritime Industry ID, Tax Identification Number ID, Passport, and others.

Optional ID: includes any of these; Senior citizens card, card for Overseas Filipino Workers, Alien Residents card, Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR-I Card), and Person with Disability card. 

2. Proof of Address: This can be an official document that proves your current home address

3. Completed UCPB account opening form: You will be required to complete the following forms:

Customer Information Sheet (CIS) 

Signature card and Account Information card

ATM application form for ATM-based accounts

4. Minimum initial deposit. I will urge you to reach them at (02) 8811-9111 and find out the minimum opening balance for the various savings accounts. 


The following are what you will need for the UCPB Savings account:

  1. Proof of Identity: School ID authorized by the school authority and a passport size picture
  2. Minimum initial deposit 
  3. Completed UCPB account opening form
  4. Residential Address
  5. Complete the account opening form


This does not take long. Opening a UCPB Savings account takes an estimated time of fifteen minutes (15 mins) to an hour, provided you are eligible and have fulfilled all the requirements.

You can visit any of their premises or use their online banking platform to register an account

For more information on UCPB, visit https://www.ucpb.com/openanaccountreqs/ or call their customer support at (02) 8811-9111

This is all that we have for you for now on United Coconut Planters BankSavings account requirements. 

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