ING Savings Account Requirements, All The Things You Need 2022

ING Savings Account Requirements, All The Things You Need 2022

ING Savings Account Requirements, All The Things You Need 2022

 If you are interested in knowing ING Savings account requirements in the Philippines, then here is a guide for you. 

The Internationale Nederlanden Groep (ING) is a multinational bank with beaches across forty (40) countries providing excellent banking services.

It is no surprise that it has earned a place as the first choice bank for many in the Philippines as a result of its spectacular banking and retail services. 

At ING, there is more than one savings account to choose from, and there is savings account for everyone, no matter what their financial status is.

Opening a savings account with any of their branches will require you to submit the required documents, and once that is done, you can successfully apply for the savings account you want. 

Now let’s find out what these requirements are.


Here are the requirements for an ING savings account:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Proof of identity using a valid ID: any of the following IDs can be presented;

For residents: UMID, passport, driver’s license

For Non-Filipino residents: Passport or Alien Certificate Registration (ACR-I) card

For Overseas Workers: OFW ID or any other authorized private institution card

  • A proof of address: any of the following can be submitted as proof of your home address; NBI clearance, Philippine driver’s license, UMID, or voter’s registration certificate, utility bill, internet bill, or recent BIR 2316 signed by you and your employer.
  • A valid mobile number 
  • An active email address
  • Minimum initial deposit is given based on the account type.


Below are the requirements for an ING Savings account online:

  • Smartphone with a fair to strong internet connection 
  • Download and install the ING app (ING Philippines – Digital Bank) 
  • Photograph your government-approved ID bearing your picture. 
  • Photograph your signature on a plain sheet
  • Complete the account opening form with the necessary information
  • Minimum initial deposit


Yes, ING Savings accounts have ATM cards. These ATM cards are issued to account-holders at a fee or sometimes free, depending on the features of the particular savings account you are operating. 

nterested individuals can contact them to apply for one. 

This is where we will end on ING account requirements.

For more information, kindly email ING bank at or call them on 0287087087 

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