Absa Unblock Credit Card, Reactivate Your Absa Credit Card Now 2022

Absa Unblock Credit Card, Reactivate Your Absa Credit Card Now 2022

Absa Unblock Credit Card

Absa Unblock Credit Card, Reactivate Your Absa Credit Card Now 2022 

Are you interested to learn about the Absa unblock credit card in South Africa? Then read through this guide.

This is a card that has been previously blocked to conduct any bank transactions.

You have to activate a blocked credit card to continue your normal bank transactions.


When you enter the wrong PIN or password three times in a row, your card will be locked.

The card microchip is impossible to counterfeit, so it will automatically block when you retry a wrong PIN three times.

The bank will also block the card when you report a missing card.

These are some of the reasons that may lead to an Absa blocked credit card in South Africa.

Now that you know the causes of a blocked credit card, we will show you how the Absa unblock credit card works.


You can unblock your credit card through online banking or the Absa mobile app.

You just click on the card management option and select the unlock option.

You will have to confirm with the bank by entering an OTP that will be sent to your registered mobile number.

You can also visit the nearest Absa bank branch to unblock your credit card.

If the card was blocked without your authorization, you need to reach out to Absa bank for an explanation.

The card cannot be unblocked if it was blocked due to theft or loss suspicions.

You need to consult with the bank for a way forward.

This is how the Absa unblock account works in South Africa.


Adopt the ID facial biometrics for authentication to efficiently and securely bank on the Absa bank,

Contact the bank immediately you feel that your card has been compromised.

Create a complicated password that is difficult to decipher and change the password regularly.

Avoid using shared computers or the public WI-Fi when accessing your Absa online banking.

Never share your credit card details like the OTP number, PIN, or serial number with anyone, even if they claim to be from Absa bank.

Absa will never ask you about your personal details.

These are some important safety precautions you should take to avoid an Absa blocked credit card in South Africa.


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