Assupol Funeral Cover Payout - 23 April

Assupol Funeral Cover Payout
Assupol Funeral Cover Payout - 23 April 

Even before applying for insurance, it is critical to understand the payout during compensation. If you have Assupol funeral cover, I'll tell you everything you need to know about the Assupol funeral cover payout.

Assupol funeral cover offers a variety of plans, each with its own payout. As a result, we'll examine each Assupol funeral cover plan and its payout.


Assupol instant Funeral Plan is one of the Assupol funeral plans designed to help relieve your family's financial burden when you die.

The plan is applied for online, and you will receive a quote for the amount you will pay after a successful application. This plan's payout is R 15 000.00 in funeral benefits.


The Absolute Advantage Funeral Plan is a funeral insurance plan offered by Assupol that can help you manage your finances.

This plan provides you with several benefits, including the ability to enjoy them before you die.

However, if you die, your beneficiaries will receive an R5000 payout, which is known as instant accidental death cover.


The Excellence Family Funeral Plan is designed to cover the entire family. Because the plan has more beneficiaries, the payout is higher and is categorized by beneficiary. The payout is R100 000 for the policyholder and spouse, and R75 000 for children and other dependents.


Assupol's Cornerstone Pensioner Plan is a low-cost option for government grant recipients who need funeral coverage. It provides a range of reasonable premiums as well as enough cash rewards to cover the costs of a dignified funeral.

The Cornerstone Pensioner Plan, unlike previous burial society policies, has no age limit and requires no medical evaluation.

Members may also cancel their membership in the plan at any time, with no penalty or notice.

The payout is determined by the policyholder's age because there is no upper age limit; thus, the payout is calculated based on the policyholder's age.

As a result, the older you are, the lower your payout, and the younger you are, the higher your payout.

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