Assupol Policy Claim, Assupol policy check - 20 April

Assupol Policy Claim, Assupol policy check - 20 April

Assupol Policy Claim, Assupol policy check - 20 April 

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In this blog post, I'll inform you about the Assupol policy claim; you'll learn how to file a claim for the policy you purchased and the requirements during the claiming process.

Do you understand what the claim means in this context before you begin the claim process? If you're worried, don't be, because the definition is right here.


A claim in the context of insurance is a formal request to Assupol, as the policyholder, to pay compensation or cover as a result of a loss or policy event.

As a policyholder, you must file a formal claim with Assupol, which will then investigate your claim and either compensate or deny it.

The amount of compensation you receive is determined by the type of insurance policy you purchased from the insurance company.

After Assupol accepts your request, you will be compensated in accordance with the company's policy or your agreement with them. In some cases, such as in the case of death, the interested party may be able to make a claim on behalf of the insured.


Here are the documents you'll be required to provide as a minimum during the claiming policy with Assupol, and they may ask for additional documents at times.

1. Policy identifier

2. Fundamental data (name, surname, ID number, and contact details)

3. Information about the deceased

4. Beneficiary submits claim documents

More documents may be required at times, and if so, the company will contact you.


If you have all of the necessary documents, claiming your policy with Assupol is simple. Here are the best methods for filing an Assupol claim.


The first way to file a claim at Assupol is online. To file a claim, visit the Assupol website, sign in to your client account, and then click the file claim button.

Similarly, after visiting the Assupol website and choosing the insurance you purchased, such as funeral cover, there is a claim button on that page that you can click.

Simply click on it and follow the instructions on the screen.

If the online method is too time-consuming, you can download and complete a claim form, which you can then send to the Assupol office closest to you.


You can also make a claim by going to the Assupol branch closest to you. Assupol has offices throughout South Africa, including one in Johannesburg. As a result, there's one nearby.

When you arrive at their offices, you will be guided through the claim process.

After filing your claim with Assupol and submitting all necessary documentation, you will receive an SMS confirming receipt of your claim.

Assupol will provide you with a receipt as well as a claim tracking number.

If you are having problems with your Assupol claim, please contact the company at 0861 235 664 or

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