Assupol On-call Benefits, Have exciting extra benefits - 20 April

Assupol On-call Benefits, Have exciting extra benefits - 20 April
Assupol On-call Benefits, Have exciting extra benefits - 20 April

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 If your premium includes Assupol on-call, it is critical that you are aware of the benefits you can receive when filing a claim. I'll go over all of the benefits of having Assupol on call with you in great detail in this blog post.

Following the death of the life insured, a number of benefits are available, some of which are only available if a claim for the funeral benefit has been authorized.

Once you have activated the Assupol On-Call benefit, you will have access to all additional benefits.

These services are provided by outsourced service providers. A service is only available as a benefit under your policy if it is provided by the company that provides it.


Everyone who has Assupol on-call benefits included in their cover receives the following Assupol on-call benefits:


When a policyholder dies and the policy has an Assupol on-call benefit, the following benefits are available:

The deceased's body is transported to the location of burial. As a result, transportation expenses will be covered, but only up to R20,000 if the location is more than 100 kilometers from where he or she died.

Transport for up to four family members to the funeral is permitted, but the distance from the deceased's home should be greater than 50 kilometers. This expense is subject to a maximum of R100 per family member. If the trip is more than 150 kilometers from home, the covered expenses are R500 per family member.

Other advantages of having Assupol on call when a life insured dies include phone calls offering general information and guidance, general information and legal aspects, and instant discounts.


Several benefits are available to the policyholder while he or she is still alive. These advantages are as follows:

  1. In the event of a medical emergency, dial 911 for assistance.
  2. The cost of ambulance transportation to the nearest hospital
  3. Transportation costs for stranded dependents
  4. Covers hospital admission fees up to R10,000 per insured life per year.
  5. While in the hospital, a mobile phone call was made to keep everyone updated on the situation.
  6. After five days in the hospital, one visitor's transportation costs up to R2 000.
  7. If a patient is hospitalized more than 100 kilometers from home and must stay in the hospital for five or more days, transportation to a nearby hospital is provided.
  8. A phone call about medical issues


If the policyholder requires HIV/AIDS assistance, the following benefits are available:

  1. Telephone referral to the clinic for counseling
  2. Pregnancy prevention pill taken in the morning
  3. Anti-retroviral therapy
  4. Medication for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections
  5. Telephone trauma counseling
  6. Tutoring assistance for children via phone or email
  7. Financial information can be obtained over the phone.

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