JMMB Savings Account Requirements, JMMB loan Requirements - 25 April

JMMB Savings Account Requirements, JMMB loan Requirements
JMMB Savings Account Requirements, JMMB loan Requirements - 25 April

 Because many people have asked about the JMMB savings account requirements, we have created this guide to provide you with everything you may need for a savings account at Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB).

When people have money, the concept of a savings account almost completely escapes them.

To avoid being a victim of such occurrences, the JMMB has made various savings account instruments available for everyone to choose from.

You can walk into any of their branches and open a savings account and enjoy the benefits that come with it with just your minimum opening amount and the JMMB savings account requirements.


The requirements for a JMMB savings account are:

  1. Proof of identity: Submit a valid form of any of the following identification documents; a passport, national ID, birth certificate (for minors), or driver’s license bearing your nationality 
  2. Proof of residence: Applicant can provide any of these; a recently-issued utility bill bearing your name and home address, or a current internet bill
  3. Proof of employment: Provide a valid payslip received not more than a month ago or a job offer letter directed to JMMB bank
  4. Provide contact information and the name of two references 
  5. Complete the account opening form
  6. Fill out the client information form: this includes some personal information, employment details, and contact details. 
  7. A minimum initial deposit of $250.00

Kindly note that, for applicants who request to use a VISA International debit card with the account, the initial minimum deposit required is TT$400.

Also there, a minimum initial amount of TT$450 will be required for applicants who want to use a Visa International debit card (Gold) with the account.

For applicants who are renting a house, provide an authorization letter signed by the owner and a photocopy of the owner’s ID.


The JMMB savings requirements, particularly the Client Information Form and the Account Opening Form, can be submitted to the preferred branch or emailed to the customer support unit at

Once the requirements have been submitted, they will review the information provided and contact you on the outcome of your application. 


Yes, the JMMB savings accounts have ATM cards. This means anyone who registers a savings account can apply for the available ATM cards.

These cards are issued at a cost and also have transaction charges and limits associated with them.

For more information on JMMB savings account requirements, kindly visit or call the Customer Service Center at 80056625662 or send them an email at 

This is where we will end for now.


After you have been given conditional approval.

1. Two valid picture National Identification* (Valid Passport or National Identification Card)
2. Job Letter – Not older than 3-months old
3. Payslip – Most Recent
4. Proof of Address: Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement, Utility Bill, Rental Agreement etc

Here's what else you will need
  1. Salary Assignment or Salary Deduction to be obtained
  2. You must be in a permanent position for a minimum of 2 years

For more information on JMMB Loan requirements, kindly visit or call the Customer Service Center at 80056625662 or send them an email at 

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